Tuesday, March 5, 2013

3.3.2013 Tenkaichi 65


Date:Sunday 3 March 2013
Open 15:30/Challenge Gong 16:00/Super Fight Gong 17:00
Place:Koza Music Town Otoichiba
Sponsored by WILD SEASAR

★Super Fight★

Main Event 4
Fight 18 (MMA) 5Min 2R Extra(1R)
【All Okinawa Heavyweight Class Throne Decision Match】
○THAT GUY (Tenkaichi Dojo/All Okinawa Heavyweight #2)
×TAISHOW (KUMA GYM/Tokai Judo Champion)
1R 0:34 TKO (Ground punches) ※THAT GUY becomes the second Heavyweight Champion

Main Event 3
Fight 17 (Kick) 3分3R Extra(1R)
【Super Lightweight Super Fight】
○Hiroki Nakamura (Sekiunkai/Legend under 63kg Champion)
×Masataka Maeda (RIKIX/WPMF Japan S.Light #7)
1R 1:13 KO (Downed by a right hook, corner threw in the towel)

Main Event 2
Fight 16 (MMA) 5Min 2R
【Bantamweight Super Fight】
○Yuta Yamashiro (WILD SEASAR NAHA/All Okinawa Bantam Champion)
×Haruki Yamashita (KUMA GYM)
1R 0:24 TKO (Downed by a straight right and finished with ground punches)

Main Event 1
Fight 15 (Kick) 3Min 3R Extra(1R)
【121.2lbs contract Super Fight】
○Maki (WILD SEASAR/All Okinawa Bantam Champion)
×Buriburizaemon (CORE/NJKF Bantam #6)
Decision Result: 2-0 (30-29 30-30 30-29)

Fight 14 (MMA) 5Min 2R Extra(1R)
【Featherweight Decides Challenger For Title Match】
○Travis Stevens (Military Alliance/ All Okinawa Featherweight #2)
×Tomoya (Tenkaichi Dojo/All Okinawa Feather #4)
1R 2:39 TKO (Standing down to a referee stoppage)

Fight 13 (Kick) 3Min 3R
【123.4lbs contract Special Fight】
○Kenjiro (Kamikaze Juku/All Okinawa Feather #2)
×DONDAKE~ TOMOTAKE~ (SHINE/All Okinawa Bantam #2)
Decision Results: 3-0 (30-29 30-29 30-28)

Fight 12 (MMA) 3Min 2R
【Middleweight Ranking Match】
△Derric Threatt (Military Alliance)
△Mike Molina (RodeoStyle)
Decision Result: Draw (19-20 20-20 19-19)

Fight 11 (Kick) 2Min 2R
【Middleweight Ranking Match】
○MINO Tiger (Torano Ana/All Okinawa Welter #4)
×Marcus Smith (Military Alliance)
Decision Result: 3-0 (20-18 20-18 20-18) ※ Marcus was downed in the 1R by a backhand blow

Fight 10 (Kick) 3Min 3R
【Lightweight Ranking Match】
×Yuki Kosano (WILD SEASAR KOZA/All Okinawa Light #6)
○Shintaro (WILD SEASAR NAHA/All Okinawa Light #7)
1R 1:34 TKO (3 Downs) ※Downed by a left hook and downed twice by a left straight

Fight 9 (MMA) 3Min 2R
【Welterweight Ranking Match】
△The Rooster (Tenkaichi Dojo/All Okinawa Welter #6)
△Takahiro Taba (WILD SEASAR KOZA)
Decison Result: Draw (20-18 20-20 20-20)

Fight 8 (Kick) 3Min 2R
【Welterweight Ranking Match】
○Motoki (WILD SEASAR NAHA/All Okinawa Welter #6)
×Hirokatsu (FREE)
Decision Result: 3-0 (20-17 20-16 20-16) ※Hirokatsu was downed twice in the 2nd Round

Fight 7 (Kick) 3Min 2R
【Welterweight Ranking Match】
△Hideki Tasato (WILD SEASAR NAHA)
△Yutaro (FREE)
Decision Result: (20-20 20-19 20-20)

Fight 6 (MMA) 3Min 2R
【Welterweight Ranking Match】
○Ryuichi Nakanishi (WILD SEASAR NAHA/All Okinawa Welter #7)
×Joshua Robison (RodeoStyle)
Decision Result 3-0 (20-19 20-19 20-18) ※Joshua had 1 pt deducted for weighing in 200grams over

Fight 5 (Kick) 3Min 2R
【Welterweight Ranking Match】
×Yu~Ji~ (Tenkaichi Dojo)
Decision Result: 2-0 (20-19 20-20 20-19)

Fight 4 (Kick) 3Min 2R
【Welterweight Ranking Match】
×Kazuma Ikeda (SHINE)
Decision Result: 3-0 (20-18 20-18 20-17) ※Ikeda was downed by a punch in 1R

Fight 3 (Kick) 3Min 2R
【Lightweight Ranking Match】
○Hideto Tanaka (Tenkaichi Dojo)
×Satopy (SHINE)
2R 0:49 TKO (Referee stoppage)

Fight 2 (Kick) 3Min 2R
【Featherweight Ranking Match】
―Kazubo (Crazy Clown)
―Seiji Itokazu (SHINE)
※Kazubo had to cancel due to personal reasons

Fight 1 (Kick) 3Min 2R
【Featherweight Ranking Match】
×Tatsuya (Tenkaichi Dojo)
○Tetsuya Kitagawa (SHINE)
1R 2:59 KO (Straight Right)

★Challenge Fight★

Fight 7 (Kick) 2Min 2R【Class-B -80kg Fight】
△Nate Rogers (ネイト・ロジャーズ/Military Alliance)
Decision Result Draw 1-0

Fight 6 (Kick) 2Min 2R【Class-B -60kgFight】
×Tomokazu Suzuki (Tenkaichi Dojo)
○Syuhei (B-FAMILY NEO Okinawa)
Decision Result: 0-2

Fight 5 (Kick) 2Min 2R【Class-B -60kgFight】
×Daiki (SHINE)
Result Decision: 2-0

Fight 4 (Kick) 2Min 2R【Class-B -60kgFight】
×Ricardo Martinez (Military Alliance)
Decision Result: 0-2

Fight 3 (Kick) 2Min 2R【Class-C Ladies Fight】
×Izumi (Haebaru Gym)
Decision Result:2-0

Fight 2 (Kick) 1Min30Sec 2R【Class-C Kids Fight】
△TAIKI (Torano Ana)
Result Draw: 1-0

Fight 1 (Kick) 1Min30Sec 2R【Class-C Kids Fight】
×Koki Shingaki (WILD SEASAR NAHA)
2R KO (Right Knee)

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