Friday, July 30, 2010

We have a new BJJ and MMA Trainer! Mr. Daisuke Hanazawa will start training August 2nd here at Tenkaichi Dojo. He is a BJJ brown belt and pro MMA fighter with Pancrase. He has over 30 professional bouts, fought for the Pancrase Title of his weight class.

In other news... with the addition of Mr. Hanazawa the schedule has changed for all gyms. Please check with your gym to see what the new schedule is, changes start Monday. As for Tenkaichi Dojo we will have BJJ everyday except Friday, the trainer will be Sunabe (strictly MMA).

Enjoy you weekend

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tenkaichi Super Fight and Challenge September 12th, 2010

Hello all,

Our next Tenkaichi Super Fight and Challenge will be Sunday Sep. 12th at Koza Music Town. Doors will open at 13:30 Challenge Gong @ 14:00 Super Fight Gong @ 15:00.

Those who wish to enter this event should sign-up at Tenkaichi Dojo ASAP. Entries will close soon.

Our phone number is 098-926-1114

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Results from the Tenkaichi Super Fight 7.11

TENKAICHI Super Fight and challenge
Date: 2010.7.11(Sun) Open 14:00 Challenge Gong 14:10 Super Fight Gong 15:00
Place: Music Town Otoichiba

Fight 13(Double main event 2) Kick Boxing (3min)3R 1ExtraR All Okinawa Lightweight Class Throne Decision Match
○Satoshi (Toranoana/Ranked #3)
×Maki (WILD SEASAR/Ranked #1)
Result: Decision 3-0 (30-28 29-28 30-28)
Maki went down in the 3R from a punch
※Satoshi won the tournament and is now the All Okinawa Lightweight Champion

Fight 12(Double main event 1) K-1 Rule (3min.)3R 1ExraR (149.9lb contract Super Fight)
○Hiroto (WILD SEASAR/#4 Ranked MA Japan Middleweight ・All Okinawa Champion)
×Hideya Tanaka (RIKIX/RISE #1 Ranked Welterweight)
Result: 3R 2:14 KO (Hiroto went down in the 2R and Tanaka went down 3 times in the 3R)

Fight 11(TENKAICHI vs RISING ON対抗戦2)MMA (5min.)2R(Bantamweight Special Fight)
○Adaniya (Toshin/Ranked #3)
×Tsuyoshi Okada (TK Esparanza)
Result: 1R 5:00 TKO (Okada pulled a muscle in his leg in the 1R, the referee stopped the fight)

Fight 10(TENKAICHI vs RISING ON対抗戦1) MMA (5min.)2R(Featherweight Special Fight)
×Shinya Kumazawa (Toshin/Ranked #2)
○Daikai Ozaki (SHOOTO JAM WATER/RISING ON & POWER GATE former champ)
Result: Decision 0-3 (19-20 19-20 19-20)

Fight 9 K-1 Rule (2min.)3R(Featherweight Lady's Special Fight)
○MEAGHAN (Tenkaichi Dojo)
×Yukimi Kamikaze (Kamikazejuku Kumamoto)
Result: Decision 3-0 (30-28 30-28 30-29)

Fight 8 MMA (5min.)2R (Lightweight Ranking Match)
○DEVON (Tenkaichi Dojo/Ranked #6)
×Flippin Kevin (FREE)
Result: 1R 0:20 TKO (Front Choke)

Fight 7 MMA (5min.)2R (Lightweight Ranking Match)
○Motoki Oishi (Tenkaichi Dojo/#7 Ranked Featherweight)
×THE ROACH (Team Overdose/ Ranked #9)
Result1R 1:47 TKO (Sleeper Hold)

Fight 6 MMA (5min.)2R (Bantamweight Ranking Match)
○Gussan (Motion Academy/Ranked #7)
×Daishi Yamamoto (MABUI/Ranked #9)
Result: 1R 2:00 TKO (Referee stoppage due to ground and pound)

Fight 5 Kick Boxing (3min.) 3R(Lightweight Tournament Reserve Fight)
○KEN(Tenkaichi Dojo)
×Yoshitaka Hanashiro (Kamikazejuku Okinawa/Ranked #5)
Result: Decision 3-0 (30-28 30-27 30-27) Hanashiro went down in the 3R from a punch, Ken became the reserve fighter for the Tournament

Fight 4 Kick Boxing (3min.)3R (Lightweight Throne Decision One Day Tournament)
○Maki (WILD SEASAR/Ranked #1)
×Masato Takara (Sekiunkai)
Result: Decision 3-0 (30-28 30-28 29-28) Maki advanced to the Finals

Fight 3 Kick Boxing (3min.)3R (Lightweight Throne Decision One Day Tournament)
○Satoshi (Toranoana/Ranked #3)
Result: Decision 1-2 (28-29 30-28 29-30) Satoshi advanced to the Finals

Fight 2 MMA (5min.)2R (Welterweight Ranking Match)
×MANLY (Tenkaichi Dojo)
○Crazy Christian (Team Compound)
1R 2:41 TKO (Armlock)

Fight 1 MMA (5min.)2R (Featherweight Ranking Match)
×G-boy The Flyin’Hawaiian (Tenkaichi Dojo)
○TAKAYA (Motion Academy)
Result: 0-3 (29-30 29-30 29-30)

Opening Fight 2 K-1 Rule (3min.)2R(Featherweight Ranking Match)】
○Syun Chibana (Tenkaichi Dojo)
×Akayu (Sekiunkai)
Result 3-0 (Akayu went done once in the match, Shun entered the Kickboxing Rankings)

Opening Fight 1 K-1 Rule (3min.)2R (121.2lb contract Bantamweight Ranking Match)
×Masato (Toranoana)
○Takehide (Sekiunkai)
Result: Decision 0-3 (Masato went down once in the match)

Amateur Fight 4 K-1 Rule (2min.)2R (Class-B Heavyweight Non-title Match)
Result: Decision 0-3

Amateur Fight 3 K-1 Rule (2min.)2R (Class-B 143.3 lbs Non-title Match)
Result: Draw 0-0

Amateur Fight 2 K-1 Rule (2min.)2R (Class-B 132.2 lbs Non-title Match)
△Katsushi (Chanpuru Beat)
△Ryou Nakaema (WILD SEASAR KOZA)
Result: Draw 0-0

Amateur Fight 1 K-1 Rule (2min.)2R (Class-C 154.3 lbs Non-title Match)
×Masaki Ishihara (WILD SEASAR KOZA)
Result: Decision 2-0

※There were many ranking changes we will post them at a later date

Monday, July 12, 2010

Fight was a success

Yesterday's event went over well with the crowd. The venue was nice and we are looking forward to the next event in September. We thank all that came out to watch the event, the fighters for putting on a good show, and Okinawa City for having us. Results coming soon...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Changes on the fight card

①Crazy Teru vs Mino Tiger
※Mino Tiger suffered a broken nose during training and had to withdraw from the match

②Opponent Needed vs Yusuke
※We were unable to find an opponent for Yusuke so the fight has been cancelled

③James Hikaru vs MASAFUMI
※Due to personal reasons James Hikaru has withdrawn from the match

④Tagami vs Tsuyoshi Okada → Adaniya vs Tsuyoshi Okada
※Tagami suffered a torn knee ligament during training, he will be replaced by Adaniya

Fights 1,2, and 3 above have been cancelled. Fight 4 above has a change in fighters. We apologize for the inconvenience and would like you to note the new fighting schedule below.

Date : 2010.7.11(Sun) Doors Open at 14:00 Challenge starts at 14:10 Super Fight at 15:00
Place : Koza Music Town Otoichiba

Advance sale ticket~(General):3500yen ($40) RS(Ringside):4500yen ($50) SRS(Special Ringside):5500yen($60)
Door:500yen or ($5's up)

13 (Double main event 2) Kick Boxing 3(min.)3R Extra(1R)(All Okinawa Lightweight Class Throne Decision Match)
The winner of the 3rd match vs The winner of the 4th match

12 Double main event 1 K-1 Rule 3(min.)3R Extra(1R)(149.9lb contract Super Fight)
Hiroto(WILD SEASAR/Okinawa Middle-weight Champion) vs Hideya Tanaka(RIKIX/RISEウェルター級1位)

11 (TENKAICHI vs RISING ON対抗戦)MMA 5(min.)2R (Bantamweight Special Fight)
Adaniya(Toshin) vs Tsuyoshi Okada

10 TENKAICHI vs RISING ON対抗戦) MMA 5(min.)2R(Featherweight Special Fight
Shinya Kumazawa(Toshin) vs Daikai Ozaki(SHOOTO JAM WATER/RISING ON & POWER GATE初代王者)

9 K-1 Rule 2(min.)3R (Featherweight Lady's Special Fight)
MEAGHAN(Tenkaichi Dojo) vs Yukimi Kamikaze(Kamikazejuku Kumamoto)

8 MMA 5(min.)2R (Lightweight Ranking Match)
DEVON EDWARDS(Tenkaichi Dojo) vs Flippin Kevin(FREE)

7 MMA 5(min.)2R (Lightweight Ranking Match)
Motoki Oishi(Tenkaichi Dojo) vs THE ROACH(Team Overdose)

6 MMA 5(min.)2R (Bantamweight Ranking Match)
Gussan(Motion Academy) vs Daishi Yamamoto(MABUI)

5 Kick Boxing 3(min.)3R (Lightweight Tournament Reserve Fight)
KEN(Tenkaichi Dojo) vs Yoshitaka Hanashiro(Kamikazejuku Okinawa)

3-4Kick Boxing 3(min.)3R(Lightweight Throne Decision One Day Tournament)
※(Maki/WILD SEASAR) (YUMA/WILD SEASAR) (Satoshi/Toranoana) (Masato Takara/Sekiunkai)

2 MMA 5(min.)2R(Welterweight Ranking Match)
MANLY (Tenkaichi Dojo)vs Crazy Christian (Team Compound)

1 MMA 5(min.)2R (Featherweight Ranking Match)
Flyin’ Hawaiian (Tenkaichi Dojo) vs TAKAYA (Motion Academy)

Opening Fight 2 K-1 Rule 3(min.)2R(Featherweight Ranking Match)
Syun Chibana (Tenkaichi Dojo)vs Akayu(Sekiunkai)

Opening Fight 1 K-1 Rule 3(min.)2R (121.2lb contract Bantamweight Ranking Match)
Masato(Toranoana) vs Takehide(Sekiunkai)

Amateur Fight 4 K-1 Rule 2(min.)2R (Class-B Heavyweight Non-title Match)

Amateur Fight 3 K-1 Rule 2(min.)2R (Class-B 143.3 lbs Non-title Match)

Amateur Fight 2 K-1 Rule 2(min.)2R (Class-B 132.2 lbs Non-title Match)
Katsushi(チャンプルービート) vs Ryou Nakaema(WILD SEASAR KOZA)

Amateur Fight 1 K-1 Rule 2(min.)2R (Class-C 154.3 lbs Non-title Match)