Friday, February 25, 2011

DVD's on sale NOW!!

DVDs for the 2010.12.12 New Ryuoh VS Tenkaichi Fight are on sale 3000 Yen or $40

Also the DVDs for the 2011.2.20 Tenkaichi Super Fight and Challenge or on sale.
Tenkaichi Super Fight: 3000 Yen or $35
Tenkaichi Challenge: 1000 Yen or $10

You can buy either DVD here at TENKAICHI DOJO
17:00~22:00 Mon-Saturday

The weather seems to be warming up... everyone enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tenkaichi Super Fight Feb. 20, 2011

★TENKAICHI Super Fight (Fight Card)★

Fight 14 (Main Event) (Kick Boxing) 3(min.)3R Extra (1R)
(All Okinawa Bantamweight Class Throne Decision Match)
○Maki (WILD SEASAR/All Okinawa Feather weight #1)
×Tomochika (Sekiunkai/All Okinawa Bantam #1)
Decision 3-0(30-27 30-28 30-29)※Maki became the second All Okinawa Bantam Champion

Fight 13 (MMA) 5(min.)2R
(Featherweight Special Fight)
×Youhei Tagami (Toushin/All Okinawa Bantam Champion)
○JAKE (Tenkaichi Dojo)
Decision 0-3(19-20 19-20 19-20)※JAKE ranks in at #1 in the Featherweight rankings

Fight 12 (Boxing Rule) 3(min.)3R
△Hiroto (WILD SEASAR/MA Japan S Welterweight/ Okinawa Champion)
△Yabiku (陽明館/J-NET S Welterweight #4・All Okinawa Middleweight #1)
Decision: Draw(29-29 29-29 29-29)

Fight 11 (MMA) 3分(min.)2R
―THAT GUY (Tenkaichi Dojo/Heavyweight #4)
―MAURICE (Tenkaichi Dojo)
※ Fight was cancelled

Fight 10 (K-1 Rule 66kg) 3(min.)2R
○RYU (Kamikaze/Welterweight #6)
×Masato Takara (Sekiunkai)
Decision: 3-0(20-19 20-18 20-19)

Fight 9 (MMA) 3(min.)2R
×BRYAN TAYLOR (Capoeira Academy)
Decision: 2-0(19-19 20-19 20-18)
※IKOMA ranks in at #6 in the Middleweight Rankings

Fight 8 (MMA Welterweight Ranking Match) 3(min.)2R
○Eugene Keith (FREE)
×Ryo (FREE)
1R 1:01 TKO(Ground and Pound)※Eugene Keith ranks in at #6

Fight 7 (K-1 Rule 63kg) 3(min.)2R
○ Kenji (WILD SEASAR Naha/All Okinawa Lightweight #7)
2R 1:08 KO(Knee to the Face)※Kenji moves up to #6

Fight 6 (MMA Welterweight Ranking Match) 3(min.)2R
○Dosanko Cyborg (WILD SEASAR Tomishiro)
×Benjamin“The Rocket”Moriniere (Capoeira Academy)
1R 1:58 TKO(Rear naked choke)※Dosanko Cyborg ranks in at #6

Fight 5 (MMA Lightweight Ranking Match) 3(min.)2R
×Grappler Iwama (WILD SEASAR Tomishiro)
○RYAN"AKAHIGE"WARD (/Tenkaichi Dojo)
1R 1:16 KO(Punch)※RYAN ranks in at #5

Fight 4 (MMA Featherweight Ranking Match) 3(min.)2R
○Toshiyuki Sakuda (WILD SEASAR Naha/Feather #4)
×Homare (FREE)
2R 2:56 TKO(Rear Naked Choke)

Fight 3 (K-1 Rule 55kg) 3(min.)2R
○Toma (Sekiunkai/All Okinawa Bantam #5)
×Masato (Toranoana)
Decision3-0(18-17 18-17 18-17)

Fight 2 (MMA 64kg) 3(min.)2R
×Yoshihiro (WILD SEASAR Tomishiro)
○Yuta Yamashiro (WILD SEASAR Naha)
1R 0:35 TKO(Rear Naked Choke)※ Yuta Yamashiro moves into the #8 spot

Fight 1 (MMA Bantamweight Ranking Match) 3(min.)2R
×八王子のミッツ・マングローブ(WILD SEASAR Tomishiro)
○Gussan (Motion Academy/Bantam #7)
2R 1:25 TKO(腕十字)

★TENKAICHI Challenge (Fight Card)★
Amateur Fight 6 (K-1 Rule) Class B -70kg Fight
○Kina (Tenkaichi Dojo)
×Kiyoshi Furuya (WILD SEASAR Naha)
1R 0:32 KO(Punch)

Amateur Fight 4 (K-1 Rule) Class B -60kg Fight
×Kouji (Toranoana)
2R 1:33 TKO(Referee Stoppage)

Amateur Fight 3 (K-1 Rule) Class-B -55kg Fight
○Katsushi (Chanpuru Beat)
Decision 2-0

Amateur Fight 2 (K-1 Rule) Class-B -55kg Fight
△Daisuke (WILD SEASAR Naha)
△Masahito (WILD SEASAR Koza)
Decision 0-0 Draw

Amateur Fight 1 (K-1 Rule) Class-C -65kg Fight
△Kaizuma (Tenkaichi Dojo)
△Masaki Ishihara (WILD SEASAR Koza)
Decision 0-0 Draw

Friday, February 4, 2011

...Next order of business

The next Tenkaichi Super Fight is going to be February 20th 2011!! This is our first fight of the year so we are kicking things off with a Kickboxing Title Match. There were 2 title matches but unfortunately one of the opponents injured themselves in training, but no worries the undercard is pretty stacked as well.

Tickets are on sale now here at Tenkaichi Dojo as well as at Wild Seasar Koza and Naha gyms.
General Tickets: 3500yen ($45)
Ringside: 4500yen ($55)
Special Ringside: 5500yen ($65)

It's been a while...

Hello all, 2011 is upon us. The results for the Ryouh VS Tenkaichi Fight are in:

The event was a success. I think the crowd got their moneys worth. We look foward to possibly working with them again in the near future. Keep posted...
DVD's are for sale here at Tenkaichi Dojo: 3000yen ($40)