Monday, June 20, 2011

6.19.2011 Tenkaichi Super Fight Results

Title: Tenkaichi Super Fight

Date: 2011.6.19 (Sun)

Time: Challenge 14:00; Super Fight 15:00

Place: Koza Music Town Otoichiba

Sponsor: Wild Seasar

Tenkaichi Super Fight (Fight Card)

Fight 10 (Double Main Event 2) (Kick Boxing) 3min 5R

All Okinawa Lightweight Title Match

X Satoshi (Tora no Ana/ All Okinawa Lightweight Champion)

O Yuma (Wild Seasar Koza/ All Okinawa Lightweight #1)

Results: 0-2 (49-50 49-49 46-50) Yuma is the new Lightweight Champ

Fight 9 (Double Main Event 1) (K-1 Rule) 3min 3R Okinawa VS Mainland

154.3lbs contract Super Fight

O Hiroto (Wild Seasar/MA Japan Welterweight #1/All Okinawa Middleweight Champion)

X DJ.taiki (Free/K-1 Max & Dream experience)

Results: 3-0 (30-28 30-27 30-27) 2R DJ.taiki was hit with a standing 8 count due to punches

Fight 8 (MMA) 5min 2R Okinawa VS Mainland

Heavyweigh Special Fight

O That Guy (Tenkaichi Dojo/ All Okinawa Heavyweight #2)

X King (Syoukukan)

1R 0:48 TKO (Ground and Pound)

Fight 7 (K-1 Rule) 3min 3R Okinawa VS Mainland

Featherweight Special Fight

O Maki (Wild Seasar/ All Okinawa Bantamweight Champion)

X Masashi (Kamikaze Juku Kumamoto)

1R 2:33 KO (Three downs all by punches)

Fight 6 (K-1 Rule) 3min 3R

154.3lbs Takao's Final Match

O Mino Tiger (Tora no Ana/ All Okinawa Welterweight #5)

X Takao (Yaeyama Boxing Club)

Result: 3-0

Fight 5 (K-1 Rule) 3min 1R

Special Exhibition

- Masato Teruya (Wild Seasar/ All Okinawa Featherweight Champion)

- Crazy Teru (Wild Seasar/ All Okinawa Welterweight Champion)

Fight 4 (MMA) 3min 2R

Heavyweight Ranking Match

X Switch (Free)

O Jacob Wood (Free)

Result: 1R 0:36 TKO (Ground and Pound) Jacob ranks in at #5

Fight 3 (K-1 Rule) 3min 2R

Lightweight Ranking Match

O Masafumi (Team Nakamura/ All Okinawa Lightweight #4)

X Youichi (Free)

Result: 1R 2:10 TKO (3 Downs) Masafumi moves up to #2

Fight 2 (K-1 Rule) 3min 2R

Lightweight Ranking Match

O Kenji (Wild Seasar/ All Lightweight #6)

X Yoshiyuki (Free/Lightweight #8)

2R 1:07 TKO (3 Downs) Kenji moves up to #7

Fight 1 (K-1 Rule) 3min 2R

68kg Ranking Match

O Yoshitaka Hanashiro (Sekiunkai/ All Okinawa Lightweight #7)

X Flavio (Nova Uniao)

Result: Decision 2-1 Hanashiro moves up to #4

TENKAICHI Challenge 7

Amateur Fight 7 (K-1 Rule)

△ Joseph (Tenkaichi Dojo)

△ Yuki Kusano(Wild Seasar)


Amateur Fight 6 (K-1 Rule)

X Thunder (Tora no Ana)

O Fujisawa (Wild Seasar)

Result: Decision 0-2

Amateur Fight 5 (K-1 Rule)

X Rose Yuji (Tenkaichi Dojo)

O Akira Aragaki (Chanpuru Beat)

Result: Decision 0-2

Amateur Fight 4 (K-1 Rule)

△ Kazu (Tora no Ana)

△ Kentan (Wild Seasar)


Amateur Fight 3 (K-1 Rule)

X Rose Seiya (Tenkaichi Dojo)

O Besuna Kaizokudan Kaoru (Wild Seasar)

Result: Decision 0-2

Amateur Fight 2 (K-1 Rule)

O Marlena (Capoeira Academy)

X Rico (Wild Seasar)

Result: 1R TKO 1:53 (Referee Stop)

Amateur Fight 1 (K-1 Rule)

△ Motomu (Tora no Ana)

△ Daisuke (Wild Seasar)


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Congrats Hanazawa san!!

Hanazawa won his fight this past Sunday 3 minutes into the 1st round with an arm triangle aka the Hanazawa special. Welcome back!!

In other news the next Tenkaichi Super Fight is this Sunday 6/19. Tickets are on sale now!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Get well soon...

Tatsuya had surgery to correct the alignment of his nose. All went well it seems. Hope to have him back at the gym soon. Funny picture though lol