Friday, November 26, 2010

12/12/2010 New Ryuoh VS Tenkaichi Fight

Event: New Ryou vs Tenkaichi
Place: Namura Hall (Naha)
Date: December 12th 2010
Time: Doors open at 5pm. Openinig Fight starts at 5:10pm. Main Card Fights start at 6:00pm
Prices: Standing Room 3500yen ($45), Ringside 6000yen ($75), Special Ringside 8000yen ($100)

Tickets are on sale at the following locations:
TENKAICHI DOJO (Chatan)17:00~22:00 Closed on Sundays
WILD SEASAR KOZA (Okinawa City)15:00~23:00 Closed on Sundays
WILD SEASAR NAHA (Shuri next to the Ryubo)17:00~23:00 Closed on Sundays
BLUE DOG GYM (Naha)9:00~22:00
BEER BAR 1957 (Naha)20:00~6:00

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2010.11.7 Tenkaichi Super Fight and Challenge Results

Title:TENKAICHI Super Fight
Date: 2010.11.7(Sun) Open 13:30
   Challenge Gong 14:00 Super Fight Gong 15:00
Place: Music Town Otoichiba

-TENKAICHI Super Fight-

Fight 13 (Main Event) Kick Boxing (Elbows Allowed) (3min.)3R
154.3 lbs contract Super Fight
×Crazy Teru (WILD SEASAR/All Okinawa Welterweight Champion)
○Masatoshi Abe (PCK連闘会/MA Japan Middleweight #6)
2R 1:38 KO(Knee to the body)

Fight 12 MMA (3min.)2R
Heavyweight Ranking Match
―MAURICE (Tenkaichi Dojo)
―THAT GUY (FREE/Heavy #4)
※ Fight was cancelled, Maurice was ill with pneumonia (Doctor Stoppage)

Fight 11 MMA (3min.)2R
Heavyweight Ranking Match
○Koji of joytoy (WILD SEASAR KOZA)
×TERROR (FREE) ※Took Walkers place
1R 1:34 TKO(Front Choke)
※Koji ranks in at #5

Fight 10 K-1 Rule (3min.)3R
145.5lbs contract Non-title Fight
○YUMA (WILD SEASAR/Lightweight #1)
×RYU (Kamikazejuku/Welterweight #6)
Decision: 2-0 (30-28 30-30 30-28)

Fight 9 MMA (5min.)2R
143.3lbs contract Non-title Fight
○Motoki Oishi(Tenkaichi Dojo/Featherweight #3)
×Yohena (Toshin/Bantam #4)
Decision 3-0 (20-19 20-19 20-19)

Fight 8 K-1 Rule (3min.)2R
126lbs contract Ranking Match
○Syun Chibana (Tenkaichi Dojo/Feather #5)
×Takehide (Sekiunkai/Bantam #6)
Decision 3-0 (20-16 20-16 20-17) ※Takahide went down twice in the 2nd from punches
※Chibana moves up to #4

Fight 7 MMA (3min.)2R
Lightweight Ranking Match
―Eric Fisher (Tenkaichi Dojo)
―THE ROACH (Team Overdose/Lightweight#9)
※Fight Cancelled

Fight 6 K-1 Rule (3min.)2R
Middleweight Ranking Match
×AZUL (Tenkaichi Dojo)
Decision 0-3 (19-20 19-20 19-20) ※Max Ranks in at #5

Fight 5 MMA (3min.)2R
Featherweight Ranking Match
×Seiki Kinjo (Tenkaichi Dojo)
○Shuhey (FREE)
Decision 0-3 (19-20 18-20 19-20) ※Shuhey ranks in at #5

Fight 4 K-1 Rule (3min.)2R
Lightweight Ranking Match
×Youichi (Chanpuru Beet)
2R 1:25 KO(Punch)※Kenji ranks in at #7

Fight 3 MMA (3min.)2R
Bantamweight Ranked Match
×Gussan (Motion Academy/Bantam #6)
○Tokuya Hateruma (MABUI)
Decision 1-2 (19-20 20-19 19-20) ※Hateruma ranks in at number #6

Fight 2 K-1 Rule (3min.)2R
Lightweight Ranking Match
Decision 3-0 (19-18 20-19 19-18) ※Taisuke ranks in at #8

Fight 1 K-1 Rule (2min.)2R
(Special Exhibition Match)
―Mitsuhisa Sunabe (Team reversal/PANCRASE first flyweight Champion)
―TAKU (Toranoana) No winners or losers in the Exhibition

-TENKAICHI Challenge-

Special Fight 7 K-1 Rule (2min.)2R
(Special Sparring Fight)
○Mino Tiger (Toranoana)
×Masato Takara (Sekiunkai)
Decision 2-0

Amateur Fight 6 K-1 Rule (2min.)2R
Class-B -176.3 lbs Fight
×Kazuma (Toranoana) ※Took Rocky Muzikar's Place
Decision 2-0

Amateur Fight 5 K-1 Rule (2min.)2R
Class-B -158.7 lbs Fight
△ Masato Takara (Sekiunkai) ※Filled in for an injured fighter
△Tsubasa (Tenkaichi Dojo)
Decision: 1-0 Draw

Amateur Fight 4 K-1 Rule (2min.)2R
Class-B -160.9 lbs Fight
○Tomoshi (Toranoana)
1R 0:21 KO(Punch)

Amateur Fight 3 K-1 Rule (2min.)2R
Class-B -147.7 lbs Fight
△LOPEZ (Tenkaichi Dojo)
Decision 0-1 Draw

Amateur Fight 2 K-1 Rule (2min.)2R
Class-B -143.3 lbs Fight
○Shinya (Toranoana)
Decision 2-0

Amateur Fight 1 K-1 Rule (2min.)2R
Class-B -132.2 lbs Fight
―TAKU (Toranoana)
―Nakamura (Tenkaichi Dojo)※Fight Cancelled; Nakamura didnt show up to the fight

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fight Card Changes

-Walker has cancelled due to personal reasons, we are searching for a replacement fighter

-Asai we are looking for a fighter (130lbs-137lbs) deadline is 11/3 (Wed)

-Shigeki has a rib fracture, we are searching for a replacement fighter