Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Next Event!!!

The next Tenkaichi SuperFight will be Sunday October 23rd 2011!!
We are now accepting entries. Those interested can enter at Tenkaichi Dojo in Chatan Mon-Fri 6pm-9:30pm. MMA and Kickboxing fights available.
For those looking for tickets for this event, we will keep you posted as to when tickets go on sale.

Monday, August 29, 2011

8.28 Super Fight Results

Title:TENKAICHI Super Fight

Date: 2011.8.28 (Sun)

Open 15:30 Challenge Gong 16:00 Super Fight Gong 17:00

Place: Music Town Otoichiba


★TENKAICHI Super Fight (Fight Card)★
Fight 10 (Double Main Event 2) (Kick Boxing) (3min.)5R

All Okinawa Welterweight Title Match

○Crazy Teru (WILD SEASAR/ All Okinawa Welterweight Champ)

×RYU (Kamikaze Juku/Welter Ranked #2)

Result: Decision 3-0 (50-49 49-48 50-49)

Fight 9 (Double Main Event 1) (MMA) (5min.)2R

Middleweight Special Fight

○CAVEMAN (Tenkaichi Dojo/All Okinawa Middleweight Champ)

×Takuma Sato (Martial Brothers)

1R 1:15 TKO (Ground and pound)

Fight 8 (K-1 Rule) (2min.)2R

No Weight Limit Special Fight)】

○Hiroto (WILD SEASAR/MA Japan S. Welter Rank #1・All Okinawa Middleweight Champ)

×MINO (Tora no Ana/Welter #5)

Result: Decision 3-0 (20-18 20-18 20-18)

※2R MINO was downed by a punch

Fight 7 (MMA) (5min.)2R

Heavyweight Ranking Match

○INSANITY KID (Military Alliance/Heavy ranked #3)

×JACOB WOOD (FREE/Heavy ranked #5)

1R 4:55 TKO (Ground and Pound)

※INSANITY KID now earned a shot at the title.

Fight 6 (MMA) 3min. 2R

Lightweight Ranking Match

○Shinya Kumazawa (Toshin/Feather #2)

×FLAVIO (Nova Uniao)

1R 2:22 TKO (Ankle Lock)

Fight 5 (K-1 Rule) 2min. 2R

No Weight Limit Special Fight)】

×Satoshi (Toranoana/Lightweight #1)

○Makachokei (WILD SEASAR NAHA/Middle #3)

Result: Decision 0-2

Fight 4 (MMA) (3min.)2R

Middleweight Ranking Match

○Koji of Joytoy (Wild Seasar Koza)

×JAY (Tenkaichi)

2R 0:43 TKO (Knee bar)

※Koji moves up to #2

Fight 3 (MMA) (5min.)2R

Bantamweight Ranking Match

○Yuta Yamashiro


2R 2:26 TKO (Triangle)

※Yuta Yamashiro ranks in at n#5

Fight 2 (MMA) (3min.)2R

Featherweight Ranked Match

×Eric Fisher (Free)

○Garren Millare (Tenkaichi)

2R 1:23 TKO (Ground and Pound)

※Garren ranks in at number 5

Fight 1 (MMA) (3min.)2R

Bantamweight Ranking Match

-Ryuichi Onaga

-The fighter wanted

★TENKAICHI Challenge (Fight Card)★
Amateur Fight 7 (Class-B -176.3 lbs Fight)

△JON (Tenkaichi Dojo)


Result: Decision 0-1Draw

Amateur Fight 6 (Class-B -154.3 lbs Fight)

―Tomoshi (Toranoana)

―Dangerous INA (TENKAICHI Dojo)

※Dangerous INA was injured during training for this event

Amateur Fight 5 (Class-B -143.3 lbs Fight)

○Marc Jimenez (Military Alliance)


Result: Decision 2-0

Amateur Fight 4 (Class-B -121.2 lbs Fight)


○Tauchy Takamiyagi (WILD SEASAR KOZA)

Result: Decision 0-2

Amateur Fight 3 (Class-C -154.3 lbs Fight)

△Tsukasa Kuniyoshi (WILD SEASAR NAHA)


Result: 0-0 Draw

Amateur Fight 2 (Class-C -110.2 lbs Fight)

△Motomu (Tora no Ana)


Result: Decision 1-0 Draw

Amateur Fight 1 (Class-C - 88.1 lbs Fight)

○Chibi Tiger (Tora no Ana)


Result: Decision 2-0

Friday, August 19, 2011

8.28.2011 Tenkaichi Super Fight and Challenge Fight Card

Title: Tenkaichi Super Fight
Date: 8.28.2011 (Sun) Open 15:30; Challenge 16:00; Super Fight 17:00
Place: Koza Music Town
Sponsor: Wild Seasar

Advance Tickets:
General: 3,500 ($45)
Ringside: 4,500 ($55)
Special Ringside: 5,500 ($65)
Door prices will increase $5 or 500yen per ticket

Super Fight
Fight 10 (Double Main Event 2) Kickboxing 3min 3R
All Okinawa Welterweight Title Match
Crazy Teru (Wild Seasar/ Welterweight Champion)
Ryu (Kamikaze Juku/ Welter #2 contender)

Fight 9 (Double Main Event 1) MMA 5min 2R
Middle weight special match
Caveman (Tenkaichi Dojo/Middleweight Champion)
Takuma Sato (Martial Brothers)

Fight 8 Kickboxing 2min 2R
No Weight limit special fight
Hiroto (Wild Seasar/ All Okinawa Middleweight Champion)
Mino (Torano Ana)

Fight 7 MMA 3min 3R
Heavyweight Ranking Match
Insanity Kid (Military Alliance/ Heavyweight #3)
Jacob Wood (Free/ Heavyweight #5)

Fight 6 MMA 3Min 3R
Lightweight Ranking Match
Shinya Kumazawa (Toshin/Featherweight #2)
Flavio (Nova Uniao)

Fight 5 Kickboxing 3min 3R
No Weight Limit Special Fight
Satoshi (Tora no Ana/Lightweight #1)
Makachokei (Wild Seasar Naha/ Middle #3)

Fight4 MMA 3min 2R
Middleweight Ranking Match
Koji Of Joy Toy (Wild Seasar Koza/ Middle #4)
Jay (Tenkaichi Dojo)

Fight 3 MMA 3min 2R
Featherweight Ranking Match
Eric Fisher (Free)
Garren Millare (Tenkaichi Dojo)

Fight 2 MMA 3min 2R
Bantamweight Ranking Match
Yuta Yamashiro (Wild Seasar Naha/Bantam #8)
Gussan (Motion Academy/Bantam #7)

Fight 1 MMA 3min 2R
Bantamweight Ranking Match
Ryuichi Onaga (Wild Seasar Koza)
Fighter Wanted

Tenkaichi Challenge
Amateur Fight 7 K-1 Rule
176.3lbs Class B
Jon (Tenkaichi Dojo)
Hokamar (Wild Seasar Koza)

Amateur Fight 6 K-1 Rule
154.3lbs Class B
Tomoshi (Tora no Ana)
Dangerous Ina (Tenkaichi Dojo)

Amateur Fight 5 K-1 Rule
143.3lbs Class B
Marc Jimenez (Military Alliance)
Naoya Aguni (Wild Seasar Koza)

Amateur Fight 4 K-1 Rule
121.1lbs Class B
Daisuke (Wild Seasar Naha)
Tauchy Takamiyagi (Wild Seasar Koza)

Amateur Fight 3 K-1 Rule
154.3lbs Class C
Tsukasa Kuniyoshi (Wild Seasar Naha)
Yagi (Wild Seasar Koza)

Amateur Fight 2 K-1 Rule
110.2lbs Class C
Motomu (Tora no Ana)
Koki (Wild Seasar Koza)

Amateur Fight 1 K-1 Rule
88.1lbs Class C
Chibi Tiger (Tora no Ana)
Ares Ryui (Wild Seasar Koza)