Tuesday, September 4, 2012

9.2.2012 Tenkaichi Super Fight and Challenge

Event: TENKAICHI Super Fight
Date: 2012.9.2 (Sunday)
Doors Opened 15:30
Challenge Gong 16:30 Super Fight Gong 17:00
Place: Koza Music Town Otoichiba

Sponsor: Wild Seasar

★TENKAICHI Super Fight★Fight 10 (Double Main Event 2) (MMA) 5min. 2R Extra (1R)
(All Okinawa Lightweight Class Throne Decision Match)
×TIAGO (Brazil/Ogawa Jujutsu) LEANDRO was unable to attend, Tiago took his place
All Okinawa Lightweight #4)
1R 0
TKO (Tiago went down from a right high kick, Max won from ground and pound)
Max becomes the second Tenkaichi Lightweight Champion

Fight9 (Double Main Event 1) (MMA) 5min. 2R Extra (1R)
(All Okinawa Welterweight Class Throne Decision Match)
Koji of Joytoy(WILD SEASAR KOZAAll Okinawa Welter #2)
×James Gordon Lewis (FREE/
All Olkinawa Welter #3)
2R 5
00 TKO (At the end of 2 rounds it was a draw, the fight went into the extra round
James was not able to stand for the bell and the ref stopped the fight)
Koji becomes the second Tenkaichi Welterweight Champion

Fight 8 (K-1 Rule) 3min. 3R Extra (1R)
All Okinawa Lightweight Title Tournament Round1
×YOSHIYUKI (FREE/All Okinawa Lightweight #7)
Naoto Nakamura (SHINE
Karasu Middleweight Champion)
1R 3
00 KO (Right Low Kick) Nakamura Moves to the Finals

Fight 7 (Grappling) 5min. (2R)
Bantamweight Grappling Match
Yuta Yamashiro (WILD SEASAR NAHAAll Okinawa Bantamweight #2)
JoeyWar Machine
Gomez (Team Quest)
Decision: 0-0 (18-18 18-18 18-18) ※
Joey had a two point deduction for not making weight.

Fight 6 (K-1 Rule) 3min 3R Extra(1R)
Decides Challenger for Bantamweight Title Match
Tomochika (SekiunkaiAll Okinawa Bantam #1)
All Okinawa Bantam #6)
3R 3
00 TKO (3R Doctor Stoppage)

Fight 5 (MMA) 3min (2R)
Welterweight Ranking Match
Ryuichi Nakanishi (WILD SEASAR NAHA)
Kevin Huggins (Tenkaichi Dojo)
Decision: 2-0 (20-19 19-19 20-18)

Fight 4 (K-1 Rule) 3min (2R)
Lightweight Ranking Match
Kento (FREE)
Decision: 0-1 Draw (19-20 20-20 20-20)

Fight 3 (MMA) 3min. (2R)
Featherweight Ranking Match
Tomoya (Tenkaichi DojoAll Okinawa Featherweight #5)
Travis Stevens (Nova União)
Decision: 0-1 Draw (19-20 20-20 20-20)

Challenge Fight 2
×Minoru Watanabe (WILD SEASAR NAHA)
Tetsuya (SHINE)
Decision: 0-2 ( Watanabe was downed in the first round by a punch)

Challenge Fight 1
Ryuka (SHINE)
Decision: 0-0 Draw

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