Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pon's Farewell Party!

Our trainer Pon is leaving Okinawa in a couple of weeks. I know, it's sad... He is heading up to Mainland to train in our gym up there. We are getting another Thai trainer named Don to take his place. We are planning to have a little farewell party this Sunday 9/18. If you are on island and would like to attend please contact us ASAP.
Date and Time: 9/18 (Sun) at 1900
Location: Yet to be determined. Either in Chatan or Ginowan
Price: 3000 (this will cover your food and drink)
The money is to be paid in advance to get an idea of how many are attending. Again, if you would like to attend please get in contact with us or come to the gym to sign-up.

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